New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association March 2017 Newsletter)

On behalf of the JCAA, I attended the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) meeting on January 23rd and also chaired this meeting as its president. The following is a brief summary of this meeting.

New Fluke Regulations - a lot of discussion centered around how destructive the proposed regulations would be to both the fishing and tourism of our state. The recurring problem with bad data that negatively affects our fisheries is an issue that has to be changed or, otherwise, we will run into the same problem again year after year with bad regulations. Sergio Radossi recommended that we form a group of anglers who would try to develop a plan/strategy to address this bad data issue instead of just reacting to it such as this 19-inch issue. Reaction to it was favorable, but more needs to be done to bring this idea to fruition.

NJOA - will have its fundraising dinner at the Black Forest Inn in Stanhope on February 19th. It is a wild game diner that includes different menu items such as boar, venison, pheasant that are not usually seen in most restaurants. Governor hopeful, Kim Guadagno, is the guest speaker.

NJOA - will organize/host a Caucus on February 28th at the State House in Trenton with legislators to provide them with information on a variety of important topics to us such as: Dog Trap issue, why a bear hunt is necessary, the 19-inch fluke problem and the very important lack of funding for our fisheries.

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