NJ and Delaware Issue Fish Consumption Advisories to Assist the Public in Both States

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 2004 Newsletter)

JCAA thanks Governor James McGreevey and Commissioner Brad Campbell for getting New Jersey and Delaware together to have uniformed advisories on fish. JCAA for years has requested uniform advisories so people are not confused about what the advisories say from one state to another. When Tom Siciliano attended a press conference on the new advisories last year we talked to Brad about this very point.  I stated that these are the same fish in the same area and should have the same advisories in all the connecting states.  We really need all the states that share waters to have the same fish advisories.  The less confusion there is the easier it is to keep people properly informed.  We are happy that Delaware and New Jersey are doing this now.

Here is the DEP Press Release:

 Press Release New Jersey And Delaware Issue Fish Consumption Advisories To Assist The Public In Both States

(04/14) TRENTON - The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) today issued revised fish consumption advisories for waters of the Delaware Estuary which include the Delaware River downstream of the Pennsylvania border and Delaware Bay - waters shared by both states.

"The waters of the Delaware Bay and estuary provide excellent opportunities for recreational fishing and enjoyment," said DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell. "Different and sometimes conflicting advisories used in shared waters often confuse the public. Providing a common message to the fishing public in both states will help people make informed choices about the fish they eat."

The consistent advisories result from meetings between the states, as well as data collection and agreement on technical issues. The advisories recommend limiting consumption of certain fish by the general population. However, both states recommend that high-risk consumers (women of childbearing age and children) not consume any of these fish from these waters.

"The nutritional and health benefits of eating fish are well established, and these advisories can help people make better choices of the fish to consume," said Health and Senior Services Commissioner Clifton R. Lacy, M.D. "These shared advisories will help the public make informed decisions concerning consumption of recreational fish, as well as help reduce exposure to contaminants."

"This cooperative effort underscores both Delaware and New Jersey's commitment to inform and protect public health while continuing to encourage the public to enjoy the tremendous recreational opportunities that the Delaware Estuary offers," said Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary John A. Hughes. Added Hughes, "Our ultimate goal is to clean up these waters so that we no longer need fish consumption advisories."

Tom Fote of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association added "This is great news for recreational anglers, one message to those fishing and enjoying the resources of the Delaware Estuary. One common message in shared waters is a more effective strategy to inform the public." 

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